The Green Ember

One of my favorite books is The Green Ember, book one of The Green Ember series, by S. D. Smith. It is a Christian animal fantasy, set in the wild wooded world, Natalia, with rabbits, wolves, and birds of prey.

The main characters’ (rabbit siblings named Heather and Picket) happy life is suddenly shattered when savage wolves attack their home. They flee, and are rescued by a strange rabbit and his companion who take them to Cloud Mountain—a secret citadel of peace and protection. There, they meet new friends and learn about the war between the rabbits and Morbin Blackhawk—king of the Birds of Prey. The end is a page-turner, as wolves attack and the two siblings race to rescue their friend, Smalls.

The middle of the book gets a little slow and repetitive, but the end makes reading it totally worth it. The end is my favorite part and has a huge twist. (Do NOT skip the middle and read ahead!)

The Green Ember is a really great book, with a strong story about fear, resentment, forgiveness, and courage. I’ve reread it many times, and each time it gets better.

You can find it on Amazon and

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