Moonscript, by H. S. J. Williams, is one of my favorite elf fantasy books. It’s set in Orim, a mystical world of strange characters, huge towns, and amazing landscapes.

The main character, a 15 year-old orphaned human named Tellie, is stuck in a dreary life she fears will never end.  However, a meeting with royal elves changes everything. Tellie is asked to help find the new heir to the elves’ throne. As the story progresses, Tellie and her friend Kelm find the heir, gain a guide, find friends, and slowly make their way to the elvish kingdom. The end keeps you turning pages as the villain’s fight to claim the heir’s soul reaches a climax.

There are a few parts I don’t appreciate, (like when one character asks another how to impress a woman) but overall it is a really good book. 

Moonscript is full of allegorical themes about redemption and the battle of dark versus light. I really love the book, and have read it at least four times. It never gets old.

You can find it on Amazon and

2 responses to “Moonscript”

  1. Hey, Lucy! This is Amelia from KDWC. 🙂 (Yes, blame your sister for sharing your blog with me. XD)
    But ooooooh, I would see why you like Moonscript due to the fantasy theme haha. And asking about how to impress a woman … PFT. We’re enigmas in our own right. 😉
    Keep going!! (Seriously, you can read more than I could/would in a year. XD)

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  2. You probably already know who this is from the username. 😂😜
    Ooooh, I want to read Moonscript even more now!!!! 😃❤️ I really need to get on it. :$
    I love these reviews! And your word choices/descriptions are beautiful! 👏🏻 Keep posting them!! 😁

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