Ember Falls

Ember Falls, by S. D. Smith, is book two of The Green Ember series. It is a Christian animal fantasy, set in the secret citadels and wild woodlands of Natalia.

War has overtaken the rabbits. Heather and Picket are hard at work in a hidden citadel, training with their friends, Emma and Smalls. When Smalls and a band of rabbits embark on a secret mission, the siblings find themselves lonely and worried. Wolves attack and rescue is found in an unexpected source. The end is one twist and cliffhanger after another as Heather and Picket’s entire view on life is flipped upside-down.

Ember Falls is so full of twists that the plot gets a little long. But the final chapters are so good they make up for the rest of it.

The book is full of messages about loyalty, guilt, hope, and courage that get stronger every time you read it.

You can find it on Amazon and StoryWarren.com

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