Ember Rising

Ember Rising, by S. D. Smith, is one of my favorites in the Green Ember series. It’s set amidst war, in the woods of Natalia.

Heather and Picket have been separated. Heather is held captive by Birds of Prey, and Picket is carrying on the rabbits’ fight with his Master, Helmer. The book follows Picket and Helmer as they infiltrate the First Warren, and Heather, as she struggles to discern truth from lie within  both familiar and unknown territories. The end climaxes as the rabbits’ careful plans come into effect, and the fight for First Warren begins.

There is really nothing I find wrong with Ember Rising. It’s a SUPER great story, with amazing and funny characters. 

The book is bursting with themes of courage, hope, and truth.

You can find it on Amazon and StoryWarren.com

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