The Wonderland Trials

The Wonderland Trials, by Sara Ella, is an absolutely AMAZING book. I fell in love with it the first time I read it. It’s a retelling of Alice in Wonderland, set in an England slightly different than the one we know today.

The main character, Alice Liddell, is a young teenager stuck in the monotony of life in Divided England—where life is Normal, and those with the Wonder gene are feared. One day, she finds her world is not all it seems, as she gets an invitation to the Wonderland trials. The book follows Alice as she finds her way to Wonderland, struggles with friendships, and learns chilling secrets—all while participating in the difficult trials. The end of the book leaves you anxious for book two, with a breathtaking cliffhanger.

There is a small romance in the story—and one kiss—but it is extremely innocently written, and is not dwelt on or mentioned continuously.

The Wonderland trials is interwoven with themes about trust and bravery, and overall such a super great story.

You can find it on Amazon or Enclave Publishing.

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