Upcoming Blog Event!!

I would have posted this sooner… but time caught up to me.

Starting tomorrow, some writing friends of mine will help me pile up their protagonists into a huge chaotic collection!! The event will last for the next seven weeks, during which I’ll send out a new post twice a week.

Somehow I managed to convince these girls to pull their main characters into this, and I hope they—and their characters—will have fun, and not get too much stage-fright!

Check back TOMORROW, for the first addition to the collection!

Event Schedule:

December 1: Lucy Peterson

December 5: E. N. Leonard

December 9: Madisyn Carlin

December 12: Yvonne

December 16: Katja L.

December 19: Tiffany Michele

December 23: Mellie

December 26: Lillian Keith

December 30: C. K. Heartwing

January 3: Alaina Johnson

January 6: Jewel

January 9: Jovey

January 13: Lucy Peterson

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