Library of Characters: Lucy Peterson

Hey! I’m Lucy, a young Christian fantasy author with a thirst for Po’ali’s Light, and the host of this event!

I have three main characters in my WIP; but one is currently quite busy with some climatic problems, and the other two are too shy to do this on their own. 

Thankfully, I was able to convince them to do this together!

Introduce your characters to me—who are they and what story are they from?

My first character is a 13-year-old human boy named Weylin. He is one of the main characters in my fantasy WIP series, The Seven Countries. 

My second character, and his inseparable friend, is a 14-year-old elf maiden by the name of Aideen. She is also a main character in The Seven Countries. 

Give a synopsis of their past

Unfortunately, I cannot say much about Weylin’s past. Both for spoilers, and because he does not enjoy talking about it. But, for the past three years, he has been serving the extremely successful and extremely cruel merchant, Larad Derin.

Aideen is slightly more open about her past. When she was a baby, her parents were both exiled from the elven country for unknown reasons. They disappeared soon after, leaving Aideen on the doorstep of a house in a human city. Aideen was adopted and raised by a human couple, until a year ago, when they died of the dreaded Black Death. Ever since, she has been living on the streets, and is constantly taunted for her pure elvish blood—which has never been seen by humans since the fall of the elves. 

What gave/gives you inspiration for them?

My original inspiration was for some very different characters than they are today. But since they’ve developed, I get inspiration from characters in other books I’ve read, and a few different songs and quotes.

Three years of his life he had spent trying to hide. To run. Three years wasted. Back he was going, into the clutches of Haldoras Jdoran. To again be forced to face the source of the Emperor’s power. 


How has their past shaped what they are now? What is that personality?

Weylin went through a very traumatic and evil experience, and that past is a huge factor in his current personality. He is very timid and quiet, and finds it really hard to trust. He is very hard on himself, and does not like to interact with people or be around others. Weylin also gets nightmares a lot, and they can sometimes result in something like a panic attack.

Aideen’s past has shaped everything about her. Growing up with ridiculing humans has made her timid and easily embarrassed, and she despises her elvish ancestry. Her adoptive parents taught her of Po’ali and his Light, and she tries hard to trust in His Will, but struggles to see it in the world around her. She doubts her importance in Po’ali’s world quite a bit, and is quick to cry and be hard on herself.

What are their strengths and weaknesses?

Weylin is very slow to trust, and finds it quite difficult to feel comfortable around someone. But when someone gains his trust, they also gain his undying loyalty and protection.

Aideen can be quick to assume the wrong thing, and finds it very easy to think everything is an attack against her. But someone she loves can almost never be wrong in her eyes, and her compassionate heart will reach out to someone in need in an instant—no matter what her head may think.

Give a few examples of how they need to/will grow throughout the story. (Without spoilers😜)

Weylin will need to learn that not everything is out to get him, and he can trust and care about someone. The closer he grows to Aideen, the more his old sense of humor and fun may begin to show through the layers of pain inside him—if he doesn’t try to push them away.

Aideen will need to face her past, and face the truth about her and her parents.

“Everyone knows they weren’t my true parents. Lorin and Kelya were humans. I’m an elf. No one can possibly forget that.” 


He couldn’t believe that he had even let himself speak, let alone ask questions. He couldn’t open himself up like that. He would end up alone with no protection. And that couldn’t happen. He had been broken once, and he was still left gaping and empty from that day. 


What is their greatest struggle or fear?

Weylin’s greatest struggle is trust. Even when it makes sense too, even when he finds himself opening up, he still doubts whether or not it is safe to trust. And he hates himself when he accidentally does. 

His greatest fear is the Scarlet Shadow of the Empire. Anything resembling a red glow can give him nightmares or send his body into “flight” mode. 

Aideen’s greatest struggle… um… she may have to help me out with that. She struggles to trust what her aunt says, and to know that she is not what she thinks herself. She is not an outcast and hated elf. She also struggles is believing that Po’ali’s will is really working, and he actually cares for her.

Her greatest fear… is probably facing the elves of Ailnirha after they cast her and her parents away.

What are they most afraid of losing?

Weylin is terrified of losing anyone he’s grown to trust and love.

Aideen is most afraid of losing the last people she cares about.

Maybe then, he could set up a new life. A life where he was safe. A life free from trust. 


Lorin and Kelya. The only two words on the rough stone face, a lonely and forgotten monument to a lonely and forgotten couple. Except for one small maiden who still cherished their memory. Alone in the world, teased and ignored, she still came every day to honor their lives.


Character Appearance: 

Weylin is on the short side, and very skinny. He’s quite pale, with thick curly brown hair and dark eyes. A small scar runs under his right eye, and he has freckles. In this story, he wears a tattered cream tunic and tan pants, with a woven rope-like belt.

Aideen is tall and slender, pale, and has fiery ginger waves of hair and huge jewel-like green eyes. In this story, she wears long brown and cream skirts, a loose white blouse, and sometimes a dark navy cloak.

Aideen straightened her shoulders, lifting her chin. “I am a daughter of Po’ali.” The elf leaned back. “But are you really?”


Three years had passed since his uncle had followed through with the promise. The promise that had changed his life forever.


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  1. Awe! I feel so bad for her! But at least the testing did not make her mean. If kids did that to me I would turn ugly and reject people. I’m not very timid😅😂
    I feel him, learning to trust people is hard.
    I love learning about these two!

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