Phantom Thief

Phantom Thief, by P. D. Atkerson, is the first book in the AKA Simon Lee series. It’s set in modern day America, amid many secretive agencies.

The story starts with 15-year-old Simon Lee, who was currently in prison for his past as the “Phantom Thief.” Then one day, some agents approach him with an interesting proposition. The story follows Simon Lee through thefts and adventures, changing sides, and unsustainable loyalties. The end is full of one surprise after another.

Simon is very sarcastic, and that leads to one or two scenes that are not the best; and they use the word ‘heck’ more than a few times. But otherwise there is no language and he is very funny.

There are some faint themes of trust and loyalty flowing through the book, as well as Simon’s struggle about whether or not God cares about him.

I really like Phantom Thief, and the rest of the series only gets better.

You can find it on Amazon.

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