Library of Characters: Tiffany Michele

Hi there! My name is Tiffany Michele—‘tis my penname— and I’m a writer. Obviously, ;D . I’m 25 years old, homeschool graduate, animal lover, and child of the King.

Come on by to find out more about my books and from there you can find my blog where I talk about chronic illness, writing, art, animals, and my life.

Without further ado: let the interview begin!

Introduce your character to me—who is she? What story is she from? 

My main character of ‘A Starry Subject’—decoy title— is Cindy West. She’s a mid-late twenties blonde librarian whose only source of trouble in the beginning is getting to work on time.

Give a synopsis of her past

Cindy’s parents divorced when she was quite young. And around her 6’th birthday her father stopped visiting her altogether. Her mother remarried and had another daughter, Cassandra. Cindy and Cass are quite close as Cindy mother hens her younger sister.

Cindy’s father ‘died’ when she was 13. Her step father died not long after, leaving behind a fractured family and financial woe.

Cindy has a photographic memory, and with that tests become a breeze. Scholarships were awarded and Cindy graduated college with not only her qualifications to be a librarian but she gained several friends.

Our story begins at the time that she has settled into working at the Library of Congress.

What gave/gives you inspiration for her?

*snickers* So have you ever watched ‘The Holiday’? There’s a scene with a fake trailer in it where this guy protects this waitress from a sudden attack. In the trailer he says her father sent him and from that ‘A Starry Subject’ and it’s characters were ‘born’/‘began’.

—“My father is alive . . . I knew I buried a stranger, I just didn’t know how true that was.”—

How has her past shaped what she is now? What is that personality? What are her strengths and weaknesses?

Cindy’s past has DEFINITELY shaped her. Cindy tends to be blunt and wary. She’s Uber protective of her sister—there’s some trauma we’ll explore later—and she tends to be the one on the fringe of the friend group.

Her main strengths lie in her determination and her memory. She is determined not to wallow and be helpless and her eidetic memory helps her get out of a lot of tricky situations.

But her memory is also a two sided coin. Both a help and a hindrance. Her Mind Palace is organized for a reason. Her memories and anxiety can be her doom.

Give a few examples of how he/she needs to/will grow throughout the story. (Without spoilers😜)

She has to learn to trust God more than she thought possible. She has to learn to trust someone completely. She also needs to learn that she is not responsible for her sister’s wellbeing.

—“My responsibility. Mine to protect . . . “ Her throat felt raw and her tears soon soaked through his thin sweater.

“She-she was mine.”

“Oh Cindy.” Aidan sighed, folding his arms around her. “No she wasn’t.”—

What is her greatest struggle or fear?

The fear of failure. This stems from failing her mother, sister, friends, job, etc.

What is she most afraid of losing?

Herself. She’s afraid of losing who she truly is.

—She wasn’t going to run and hide like a scalded dog, fearing for her life and the lives of those she loved. That just wasn’t living in her opinion. No. She was going to fight.

And she was going to win or die trying.—

Character Appearance:

5’4’’ blonde hair, blue eyes. Wears glasses—though she looses and breaks them all the time so it’s always a new pair every few weeks—and fun scarves. Half French and the other half a mottled mix of German, Czech, and English, Cindy has delicate features.

—What he found was not the heartbroken girl he had left. But a woman with fire in her veins and a slightly crazed look in her eyes.—

*slumps* whew! That was a lot harder than I thought! Choosing those quotes was a challenge! 😀 . I hope you all enjoyed getting a peak at my story and my MC! *waves* ‘til next we meet.

(Thanks Lucy for having me here! And your patience with the deadline . . . :D)

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