Library of Characters: Jewel

Lands in a pile of supplies scattered all over. Hi all! I’m Jewel! (I’m still coming up with a last pen name) And this pile is, well, my mind right now – I have the stuff to write, but for the five hundredth time, I have writers block. Who knows? Maybe this blog will give my some ideas. I should probably say what I’m writing, since this is a writing blog. Nods wisely. I’m trying to write a book called the Lost Isle with two of my friends, and I’ve loved it! The only problem is, I struggle with completing things. Art, music, school, writing, and almost all other things. I because of that, haven’t completed the book yet, so I might have some of the back and forth with myself in this, as well as story quotes that aren’t actually in it yet… prepare yourself! I guess I would call myself an ‘almost author’. 

Introduce your character to me—who is she? What story is she from?

Sigh I guess I have to actually answer the questions instead of my random rambles. Pulls my character over. Mierra, listen to me, I promise it’s safe here. What? No, there’s no Phantoms.  Listen, I can talk if you don’t want too. Looks at everyone. This, my friends, Mierra te’ Saelina. She’s a fourteen year old from my story ‘The Lost Isle’. She has had a peaceful past and lives on the island of Avaron, shielded from the terrors of war, and with her family.

Give a synopsis of her past

Her past is boring by some measure, but also, everything some people want. She has two kind parents who love her, and loyal friends who are there through think and thin. (Though there’s not much thin) She helps out with chores like caring for her… sheep-ish… animals, and tending the garden in spring. Although she loves it, sometimes she wishing she could go somewhere… else. There’s something that seems to call her, and she feels strangely attracted to water. She feels the need to follow… it. Mierra gets her ‘wish’ when Phantoms come to take her because of an old scar under her ear. Glances at her. Don’t worry, they’re not here, I told you. Anyway, she is forced to run, and the last thing she has is a strange map her parents gave her. 

What gives you inspiration for her?

Mierra is actually my dreams come true. I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to have a power, to have a grand adventure, or be the person who saves the world. Since those most likely won’t happen, I like to make my dreams come to life on the paper. When I write what I love, it makes the story so much easier. Another thing I get inspiration for her personality is saying to myself, “who could I push myself to be?” I want to grow with my character. 

Father got up, and smirked. “See, I knew I wasn’t going that hard.” 

“Really?” Mierra replied sarcastically. “ I thought you just got worse.” 

He raised his hands in mock surrender. “Alright, dear lady, I am at your mercy.” With an elegant flourish, he bowed. 

“As your punishment, for battling your daughter and losing, I charge thee with…” Mierra scrunched her face in confusion. What would a lordly person do? She had nothing. “I… pardon thee.” 

Father laughed. “I thank you, dear lady, for your kindness.” 

“Now go!” Mierra waved her hand dismissively, “And do… something.” 

How has her past shaped what she is now? What is that personality?

Mierra’s past is a small village of peace and plenty. She has never had to be distrustful of anyone or seen war. Though, because her powers, her father knows someday, she might have to leave, so he trained her in sword fighting. But, that won’t prepare her for other dangers in the world. Because of her past, Mierra is more trustful, kind, and peaceful than someone who may have not had her life, but she also doesn’t know when someone is not trustworthy, and that may or may not get her into trouble. 

What are her strengths and weaknesses?

Mierra’s strengths are more personality wise than physically. She has always been a gentle girl with a love for animals, but with a need for adventure she can never quite get. The feeling that there is something more. Her main strength is peacemaking. She will do whatever she can to stop a fight, which is part of her weakness as well. She has to learn to make peace while also standing up for what is right. 

Give a few examples of how she needs to/will grow throughout the story. (Without spoilers😜)

Bah humbug. (Yes, I’m still in the spirit of Christmas) Without spoilers? Well, first of all, she will have to learn discernment. All her life, she has been able to trust anyone and everyone. Now, she has to learn how to safely trust people. Also, as mentioned earlier, she needs to learn fight for what she believes instead of hiding it. 

“Fivi!” Mierra whispered back, only hers was slightly louder, “you can’t bring a bomb to a festival!” 

“Don’t worry,” Fivi replied, still grinning. “It’s a perfectly harmless. Look, I found some Flameweed, and that weird rock in the cave we explored a few weeks ago.” Mierra remembered that day. It was crazy, but not the craziest thing she’d ever done with her friend. 

“Well, I found out it’s explosive!” Fivi continued, her eyes lighting up. 

“How did you- ” 

“Shush, I’m talking.” Fivi replied

What is her greatest struggle or fear?

Her greatest fear is that she will lose everything she ever loved. The night she left her home scarred her with nightmares of everything she loves disappearing. Although she is the peaceful one, sometimes she struggles with having peace herself, when everything around her is shattered.  

What is she most afraid of losing?

Her parents. They’ve been with her for her entire life, and have always had the wisdom to help her through difficult things, the love that gives her strength, and the courage to do what is right, even though it’s her greatest weakness. Now, after being forced to leave them, she wonders if they’re even alive. 

What will happen to Father and Mother? What is happening to me?

Character Appearance:

Mierra looks completely normal. She has long, brown hair that naturally has waves, (to match her ability to control water), and crystal blue eyes.  She is a little taller most, but the thing that distinguishes her most is her scar. It’s technically not a scar, but looks like one. It is shaped like a water droplet, and is just behind her ear. When she learns to control water, it glows.

Well, it had certainly been an adventure, that was for sure. But it was more than that. Something… something she didn’t even understand had changed in her. What this what she had always, truly wanted? Would it stay this way?  

Hey, it actually worked to get some ideas! Now, gestures to the supplies I will
work on making something out of this, AKA putting my ideas on the paper.
Thanks for letting me do this Lu!

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