Library of Characters: Curtains Close

It is time for the curtains to fall on this wonderful little group.

*Turns backstage in response to multiple shreaks. * No… not literally fall. *Turns back.*

Anyways… I would like to thank everyone who participated, and thank the protagonists for letting their authors drag them into this. You can all take a bow!

*Waits… but none of the protagonists appear.*

Oh well. They’ve all probably gone back to their authors.

*Pulls the curtains shut.*

Come back to this part of the library in a couple of months for…

*Evil laughter commences.*

4 responses to “Library of Characters: Curtains Close”

  1. Ah, this was so much fun! Thanks again for hosting this, Lucy *drops a bunch of story characters who jumped into my arms* There there, she said NOT LITERALLY. There will be no curtains dropping on anyone *yeesh*.

    *to be continued… dun dun DUN!!!*


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