Dust, by Kara Swanson, is book one in The Heirs of Neverland duology, and an amazing Peter Pan retelling. It’s set in modern day London and America, multiple decades after the original Peter Pan book.

Peter Pan never wants to grow up. But now, stuck flightless in London, he finds himself aging against his will. Claire has been plagued all her life by a strange dust, but suddenly finds herself on the way to London in search of her long-lost brother. The story follows the two across London, through danger and magic, and into unlikely friendships. The end leaves you unsure of who to trust, and eager for book two.

Peter uses some words that might be considered bad—if you live in England, and there is a small romance threaded throughout the book. But it is well written, and the romance is not too overpowering. 

Dust is a wonderfully written book, with an air of wonder and magic to it that leaves you longing for pixie dust. It has faint themes of trust woven through it, as well as an encouraging message about growing up that becomes even stronger in book two.

You can find it on Amazon and Enclave Publishing

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