Library of Characters: Lucy Peterson

Hey! I’m Lucy, a young Christian fantasy author with a thirst for Po’ali’s Light, and the host of this event! Today I’ve got the joy of adding the first antagonist to the collection. 😇

(Unfortunately, my villain only allowed me to bring him if I promised to let him do something disastrous in his next book… apologies in advance to my MCs.)

Introduce your antagonist to me—who is he? What story is he from?

*Pulls Haldoras up beside me, ignoring his cold glare.* This is Haldoras Jdorin. The cruel and powerful Emperor of the Empire of the Sc’lorta Shadow. He is the main antagonist of my WIP series: The Seven Countries.

What is his personality?

Composed, calm, and put together. He inherited a very firm demeanor from his father, but that washes away when he is around his nephew—especially when the boy was a toddler. He is also very calculating and smart, and comes up with ruthless plans his adviser and men would never have thought of.

Give a synopsis of his past

Haldoras Jdorin was born to the Emperor of Mastona, the second of two boys. For his entire childhood, he remained second to his older brother. 

Their father was a cruel, tight-fisted tyrant, who ruled Mastona with a fist of iron. He treated his family little better, and Haldoras vowed to never become like him. Unfortunately, their childhood turned Haldoras’s older brother into a man little different than his father. It broke Haldoras’s heart to watch as his brother married and had a child, and proceeded to treat the child poorer than their father had treated them. 

His brother and sister-in-law both died soon after that, and Haldoras proceeded to adopt his young nephew, with the intentions on giving him a life free from fear. 

What gave/gives you inspiration for him?

I can’t really think of anything. 😂 I always knew I wanted a villain with a good backstory, who wasn’t just cold hearted for no reason. Haldoras has just come together as I’ve written him.

Haldoras Jdorin stood before a large crystal window, gazing out at the tranquil sea stretching out before him. He gave a contented sigh, watching the peaceful turquoise waves lap against clear white sand. The pitter-patter of small feet reached his ears, followed by a high pitched laugh.

He turned, a smile breaking across his face.

A small boy ran across the room towards him, his brown curls bouncing. The toddler stopped before Haldoras, throwing up his hands. “Up! ‘e up!” His huge dark eyes danced, matched by his equally-large smile.

Haldoras chuckled, picking his nephew up and swinging him around in a circle. The toddler burst into laughter, swinging out his arms. 

“Have you behaved since I last saw you?” Haldoras said, slowing and settling the boy on his hip.

The boy smiled, laying his head on his uncle’s shoulder. “I be ‘ood.” He snuggled up against Haldoras’s side.

How has his past shaped the villain he is now?

No matter how much he tried to ignore it, his father’s evil planted a seed of darkness inside his heart. It only took a matter of time—and the grip of power—for it to sprout.

Does he see himself as a villain? 

Not at all. He sees himself as a man desperately trying to help someone he loves.

Does he work alone? Or does he have ‘henchmen.’

He has his right hand man and adviser, Ambassador Ataerath. (Who is actually wayyyyy more cold-hearted and annoying than Haldoras.😆)

Who is his arch nemesis, and why?

His nemesis starts as the memory of his father and brother, then moves to any country that dares challenge his rule, and eventually ends up becoming the very boy he built the empire to protect. 

What is his favorite and least favorite part of being a villain?

His favorite part is having absolute control over everything he rules. No one can do to him what his father did. And he loves the power the Shadows give him. His least favorite is the effort it takes to control the Shadows, and how they strike fear into the very people he tries to get to admire them.

Haldoras stepped through a darkened curtain, down another short hall, and into a small room. Light spilled into the quiet space before him, flowing in through a small crystal window in the opposite wall and glittering from lanterns suspended on the lofty black ceiling.

The Shadows following him writhed at the touch of light, quickly curling around and sinking into the form of a normal shadow.

A lone man sat before a ornate desk, next to the clear window. He stood as Haldoras stepped forward, bowing low.

“My lord,” Ataerath straightened, moving away from the desk. “What brings you to such a far off place as my lowly rooms?”

“Please, Ataerath,” The Emperor walked over to the window, crossing his arms behind his back and gazing through the glass at the restless sea falling away below them. “I’m not in the mood for flattery,” he sighed. “Any news?”

What is his greatest struggle or fear?

His greatest struggle is controlling the Shadows he has power over. His greatest fear is either losing his grip on the Shadows, or the possibility that if he shows the Shadows to his nephew again, he’ll completely lose the young boy.

What is he most afraid of losing?

His nephew. He lost him once, and now all he wants is to get him back. He could never handle losing him again.

What does he want most? What is his ultimate motive?

At first, all he wants is to get his nephew back and to give him a happy childhood. But slowly, that wish grows into a lust for power and ultimate control of all Seven Countries.

The Emperor lifted his head, the silver band around his forehead gleaming in the torches’ light.

“My lord.” A thin man approached the throne, bending down on one knee just before the Shadows. 

Haldoras gestured absentmindedly, his hard eyes dull in the dark light. “Ambassador. The ship crossed quickly.”

“Ah, yes. Storm’s winds sent us.” Ataerath stood, tapping his pale fingers together. 

“Well?” Haldoras leaned back into the throne, crossing one leg over the other. “Any news?”

“The Castohthin merchant was a correct lead.” Ambassador Ataerath tucked his arms inside the wide sleeves of his long blood-red tunic. 

“You found him?!” The Emperor sat up, interest springing into his black eyes. “Where is he??”

“We did find him.” Ataerath nodded. “But the merchant was foolhardy and proud. He wouldn’t let me take him immediately.”

“Ambassador.” Haldoras sighed exasperatedly. “Do you have my nephew.”

Ataerath shook his head. “I am everlastingly sorry, my lord. But he has escaped our grasp again.”

Haldoras slammed his hand down onto the throne’s armrest, fire springing into his eyes. He stood, bright red light flaming up around him. “You lost him?!?”

Character Appearance: 

Hair?   Eyes?  Height?

He is tall and thin, with very pale skin. He had dark, empty eyes, and curly brown hair identical to his nephew’s.

Opinions on ice cream vs. cake? Other?

He’s never tried either, but he hates any kinds of sweets. They’re too… sweet. 

Inside this huge palace was a long hall, made of stone as black and cold as midnight. Great scarlet banners lined the walls, fluttering silently in the slight breeze that flew through every now and then. Torches sputtered in silver brackets, casting eerie reflections across the dancing surface of the smooth walls.

A throne sat at the end of a long hall, its ebony black stone glittering in the red glow of the torches.

A man sat in the throne, thick robes draped around his tall form. Dark Shadows curled around his arms and legs, casting the illusion that the ground surrounding the throne was a boiling black liquid. A deep red glow drifted softly from behind the tall seat.

The Emperor.

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