Library of Characters: Hannah Stanfield

Hello! My name is Hannah Stanfield, I write middle grade fantasy and today I brought a rather secretive villain to introduce. Beware, this post will inevitably be full of spoilers, because he actually isn’t revealed to be the real villain till later on in the story. But shh don’t tell anyone!

Introduce your antagonist to me—who is he? What story is he from?

My antagonist is a man of the name Zarthlindo Gallonthroth (or Zarthy as he’s most often called). He’s from a story that I still have not pinned down a proper name for but am currently calling Repdrillian War.

What is his personality?

He is very intelligent, charming and outgoing. He always believes the best about himself.

Give a synopsis of his past

Zarthy was abandoned by his mother at a very young age; he never knew either of his parents. He grew up an urchin on the streets of a city called Gundegrag ruled by a guild of merchants and explorers. He was always the brightest on the streets and this led him to believe he deserved more. When he was forced into labor by an explorer at the age of twelve he resolved to earn his freedom and the respect of every other merchant and adventurer.

 What gave/gives you inspiration for him?

This is a long story! My brother showed me an animated fight scene done by a fan of two famous Minecraft streamers. One of the animated fighters interested me (he was supposed to represent Technoblade if anyone happens to know of him). My brother mentioned that it would be interesting if I included one of him as a character in my story. And as I thought about it an idea came to mind. But I actually didn’t know he was the main villain until I started writing the very end of my first draft!

“Ah, here he is now.” Meridian turned and Warden followed his gaze to watch a man, in a snarling boarhide hood and a sweeping cape enter, his hair in a long braid down his back. His clothing was the most bizarre mixture of elegance and rugged furs that Warden had yet seen and as he came into the tent…”

How has his past shaped the villain he is now?

Zarthy was bright, but as a street urchin he was neglected, mistreated and ignored. He didn’t know his parents, but became convinced they had left him because they didn’t care for him. This pushed him to strive to work to make himself great and prove himself great so that none would ever again reject him or see him as nothing more than a useless boy.

Does he see himself as a villain?

No, he pretty much believes he is awesome and is simply making things better while claiming the honor he deserves.

Does he work alone? Or does he have ‘henchmen.’

He has many people he works with and around, mainly the other adventurers and merchants. His one true henchmen is a giant gorilla-like creature who carries out his personal wishes.

Who is his arch nemesis, and why?

He works secretly, he does not have one specific arch nemesis, but it might turn out to be the repdrillian or the protagonist.

What is his favorite and least favorite part of being a villain?

His favorite part is the power and potential he has as he works behind the scenes to carry out his designs. But I think he does not like the risk to his own life or the fact that there is a risk of him falling from his current station. He doesn’t like being thought of as a villain.

“The man saw them staring at him, flashed them a bright grin and sauntered over. Warden could not place his age but he seemed surprisingly young to have been the one to collect every animal in the tent. His eyes gleamed with a mixture of intelligence and mischief.”

What is his greatest struggle or fear?

He struggles with the thought that he will again descend to the depths of insignificance and be despised by everyone.

What is he most afraid of losing?

Respect and glory.

What does he want most? What is his ultimate motive?

To be great and loved for his greatness

Zarthy flinched ever so slightly at Warden’s outburst, then plastered a smile on his face. “Let me say this; it is my personal pleasure to uncover the secrets of the world and Rosy just happens to be one of those. As for Basterwick, he is a matter of mystery that I would prefer never to meddle with.”

Character Appearance:

Hair kept in a braid down his back

Hair?   Eyes?  Height?

I’ve given a tad bit of description already, but here’s some more! He is wiry with sharp features and long blonde hair usually kept in a rugged braid down his back. His eyes are a cold blue and though I’m not sure about his exact height I imagine he might be around six feet or so, give or take. 

Opinions on ice cream vs. cake? Other?

Perhaps pie? You’d have to ask him

‘’Greetings your highness, I am Zarthlindo Gallonthroth, more commonly known as Zarthy, trader of exotic beasts, explorer of the wilderness, inventor of wonders and entrepreneur extraordinary.

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