Library of Characters: Charis

Mae govannen! I’m Charis Grayce, a Christian teen who loves stories of heroism, beauty, and truth. I also enjoy reading or writing an intriguing villain, however, and have a weakness for redeeming them. When I’m not daydreaming stories or writing them down, I like to read (big surprise), enjoy nature, obsessively re-arrange my bookshelf, fangirl, or talk with friends. Characters are my favorite part of a story, and today I’m excited to introduce my current favorite the villain of my ocean fantasy WIP!

Introduce your antagonist to me – who is she?

She’s very secretive, so I doubt she’ll let me reveal her real name. (Don’t feel bad – she hasn’t told me yet, either.) Her titles, the Lady of the Night and the Shadow Queen, will have to do. She’s fae, which means she’s several hundred years old, and she leads a group of rebels-turned-pirates in adventures across the high seas.

What story is she from?

 My pirate queen is from my standalone fantasy WIP, which is currently untitled. It’s about a mer who must prevent a war whispered of by legend from becoming a reality.

What is her personality?

She’s a contradiction in some ways. The Shadow Queen has a frozen heart, seemingly unfazed by the blood on her hands and the losses she’s felt, but simultaneously very real to the people around her. She cares deeply about her crew, but doesn’t trust them, or anyone else. Kindness isn’t uncommon for her, but she doesn’t hesitate to hurt, manipulate, or kill anyone she must to do what she believes is right.

Give a synopsis of her past.

Hahaha, my favorite part: the sad backstory!

When she was a teenager, war erupted between the humans and the fae, and she joined a rebellion against the human kingdoms. Once the war was over – and many of her fellow rebels killed – she took over leadership of the rebellion, because there was no one else to do it. She’s been leading the rebellion ever since.

What gives you inspiration for her?

I like the ‘weary immortal’ trope, so that influenced her without my realization. She’s also a foil to my MC, so my MC could be said to inspire her too, I suppose. Other than that, I have no idea what inspired me to write her.

The crowd parted, allowing a woman to pass through. She looked at him as if she could see past his bitter gaze, past his emotionless mask, to him. Sondane worked to hide his confusion. She radiated calm the way the sun sent warmth shimmering through the shallows. Somehow, that didn’t comfort him.

How has her past shaped the villain she is now?

The Lady of the Night is who she is in big part because of the human-fae war. Without it, she wouldn’t have been driven to protect others like she is, and she wouldn’t have become hardened like she has. Of course, those things were her choices, but without the war that side of her would not have been so strong. Without being abandoned, she probably wouldn’t have a constant drive to be ‘good enough’, which is just another way she’s similar to my MC.

Does she see herself as a villain?

Absolutely not! She believes that the ends justify the means, and because she doesn’t hurt people unless she has to, she’s in the right.

Shadow Queen, leaning over my shoulder: I’m saving the world and righting an ancient wrong. What more do you want me to do?

The fae rubbed a hand across her face, too tired to be angry. People had betrayed her before, and they would again. Shadow Queen though she was, she could not be angry with lad. Humans had hurt him; she knew the feeling all too well. If only he had let her help him. Now, all she could do was keep him from hurting anyone else. She pushed herself to her feet, hand gently rubbing the pommel of her sword.

Does she work alone? Or does she have ‘henchmen’?

My fae might be a loner, but she’s perfected the art of utilizing other’s talents. She has an entire network of pirates under her command, as well as a crew who are as loyal as can be. (Not that she’s silly enough to trust them, of course!)

Who is her arch-nemesis, and why?

She’s actually a good deal more powerful than my MC, Sondane, and his friends, so she’d probably be skeptical of me listing them in such an honored role as ‘arch-nemesis’. They’re determined to stop her plans, however, so whether she considers them worthy to be called enemies or not, my crazy protagonists will have to do.

What is her favorite and least favorite part of being a villain?

Well, she doesn’t know she’s a villain, so… *shrug* She likes being able to feel like she’s fixing the world. She dislikes some of the things she’s done in the name of her mission, but that’s what suppressing one’s feelings is for, right?

Sondane watched the pirate captain, who laughed as she talked with some of the crew, pretended to be angry with a certain púca, and in a solitary moment, smiled contentedly as she surveyed the merriment around her. How could someone so ruthless be so kind?

What is her greatest struggle or fear?

She’s afraid that she’ll never be good enough to be wanted, no matter how hard she tries.

What is she most afraid of losing?

Aside from how it’d affect her, she’s also afraid of failing the people who need her. It would break her if she lost and everyone she cared about suffered because of her.

What does she want most? What is her ultimate motive?

Again, being worthy of love, which translates to ‘saving the world’ in her eyes. Finally being able to rest would be nice, too.

She couldn’t remember the realm of the fae, no matter how hard she tried. Too many memories – of battles and fallen comrades and failed rescues – crowded her mind. But sometimes, when she slept, she dreamed of green fields covered in faintly golden mist, of a seashore painted silver by a rising moon, of mountains so grand and streams so cold and a home so full of light she wanted to laugh and cry at once. And when she woke, the Lady of the Night vowed that she would see it so.

Character appearance:

Hair: Somewhere in between dark blonde and hazel-brown

Eyes: Green

Height: Just a little bit shorter than the average human woman.

Opinions on ice cream versus cake?

She’d have cake, I think.


She is an epic warrior, and twisted myths inspired by her fierce attacks during the years after the war still live on among the humans, which amuses her.

“If you stand with me, I will protect you to my dying breath, no matter what comes. Betray me, 

and I promise I will hunt you to the ends of the earth, if I must.”

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  1. Some of the best villains honestly believe they are bettering the world and don’t realize they are “evil”. That’s what make them so good/fun to read sometimes!


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