Library of Characters: Elisabeth

Greetings. I’m Elisabeth (or Lise, depending who you are), and I shall be sharing the deepest secrets of a dangerous man.

Introduce your antagonist to me—who is he? What story is he from?

Agent 2143, better known to my readers as Jet Sullivan, is an SoL (Suns of Liberty) agent from the Trouble Lurks books.

What is his personality?

Since joining the SoL in his early teens, Jet has donned many personalities–so many that it’s hard to determine who he really is.

He easily comes off as cold-hearted, harsh, and arrogant, and that’s the way he wants it. He’s learned that the way to survive is by being the one in control; to be the one holding the cards.

But there’s a little-seen side of him that he conceals. In fact, he does such a good job that even I hardly see it.

Give a synopsis of his past:

Like most villains, his life wasn’t sunshine and rainbows. As I mentioned above, the Suns of Liberty recruited him when he was in his teens. Instead of going into the foster system when his single father was imprisoned, Jet was taken into the SoL–the first “family” he ever knew.

As one can imagine, he strived to live up their standards, and adopted their beliefs as his own.

What gave you inspiration for him?

I knew that Blake (Grizzled Fox) was betrayed by someone he trusted, and so Jet came along. He then decided that he wouldn’t simply haunt Blake’s backstory, but also the man’s life.

Now, he’s making me write his story. 🙄

(Taken from when he was on his first mission).

But he was, first and foremost, an agent for the Suns of Liberty. Tough. Heroic. Ready for anything. Nothing would get in his way.

Jet clenched his fists.

He’d been training since he could hold a gun steady. He was one of the best agents in his age group.

He knew what to do, and he knew how to best get it done.

No friends. No relationships. No Mr. Nice Guy.

And even if Jethro Parks could make friends with Fox, Jet couldn’t.

Strictly business.

How has his past shaped the villain he is now? Does he see himself as a villain?

I don’t know what type of man Jet would be if he’d had a different life, but I assume he wouldn’t be the stellar agent he is now. Stellar, that is, to the SoL. On his first mission, he made his choice. Whenever he wonders what lies beyond this world he’s a part of, he thinks of that September day, and of the man he left behind.

While he doesn’t think of himself as the “villain,” per se, he doesn’t have a very high opinion of himself. Not by a long shot.

He’s trying to do what he’s been taught to believe is right. Problem is, he’s not all that sure that he’s doing the right thing.

And the more unsure he feels, the more bitter and cold he grows.

Does he work alone? Or does he have “henchmen?”

He’s a high-ranking agent. Those under his authority will do as he commands, no questions asked. He’s seen as a dangerous, lurking presence, and most everyone is afraid of him.

He might be a little afraid of himself sometimes, but of course, he’d never admit to that.

Who is his arch nemesis, and why?

That would be one of the main characters from TL1, Blake Hestion (ISA Agent Grizzled Fox).

This was the man that Jet was partnered with during Jet’s first mission, which was an undercover assignment in the ISA.

This is the man that Jet shot and left… and Jet never forgave Fox for that.

Don’t villains often hold grudges against others for things that were actually their fault? Well, Jet is one of them.

What is his favorite and least favorite part of being a villain?

The power, the feeling of being in control, the being a part of something larger than himself–that’s what he likes.

But it can get lonely, always being the strong one, with no one he trusts enough to confide in.

And he doesn’t like the man he’s become.

“Oblivion? What are you doing? What’s going on?” Fox sounded shocked, and his voice held a tremor.

“My job,” Jet ground out, right before he leaped out from behind the car and at the men.

What is his greatest struggle or fear?

The fear of not being in control, of losing this fragile life he’s built for himself. He’s also quite unwilling for anyone to discover that he does not actually possess a heart of stone, contrary to popular belief.

What is he most afraid of losing?

As I said above, he’s created a life for himself. If he were to lose it… well… let’s just say he wouldn’t be very happy.

And with a man who always keeps his temper in check, anger is dangerous. Exceedingly dangerous.

What does he want most? What is his ultimate motive?

There’s no doubt a man as cunning as Jet has one. However, he’s not forthcoming.

I know that he wants something–more than just the SoL’s mission to “redeem America to her former glory.”

And I have a feeling that this “ultimate motive” shall come into view in TL3… 👀

(From my WIP)

I clench my fist, wishing I could wipe that idiotic smirk off of his face.

“Agent Never-Ending Oblivion,” I growl, and an unreadable look crosses his brown eyes, confirming my suspicion. “Although you really don’t deserve to be called that, Jethro.”

He raises his eyebrows, as if talking to a foolish child. “My name, darling, is not Jethro. Nor do I care to be associated with such an organization as yours, Miss Aurora.”

“So, tell me,” I continue, keeping my voice hard, “what shall we call you? Traitor?”

He taps his chin. “That has an interesting ring to it, but I prefer Jet, thank you.”

I hoot. “Like J.J. the Jet Plane? Great!”

“No, like Jet, the agent you ought to be afraid of,” Jet says calmly, leaning against the wall next to the door. “Enjoying your stay?”

Character Appearance: Hair? Eyes? Height? Opinions on ice cream vs. cake? Other?

Dark hair, dark eyes, tall enough to be an imposing figure. Often wears an arrogant or “intense” look. Not a guy you’d want to encounter in a dark alley… or pretty much anywhere else.

The last time he had cake was on his ninth birthday, before his mother left. As for ice cream–he can’t spare time for such trivialities.

(From his first mission).

He’d proven himself, and he was forever destined to be part of the Suns of Liberty.

So he clenched his jaw and hardened his heart. Never would he befriend anyone again. Never would he let weakness prevent him from doing his duty.

Never again would he fail.

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