Library of Characters: Curtains Close

Once again, it is time for the curtains to close.

*Glances around at the sagging curtains, cracked stage lights, books thrown wildly across the floor, and group of characters arguing in the corner.*

It’s really time.

*Turns to the antagonists and shoos them away*

Go back to your authors! I’m sure they need their villains again.

*Turns back*

As I was saying… I would like to thank everyone who participated. This chaotic collection wouldn’t exist without you. And thanks to all the antagonists for letting their authors drag them into this. (And for not ripping up any books.)

*Pauses as a thud and an evil laugh shake the stage.*

Um… I suppose that’s it for now. I’ll be right back…

*Pulls the curtains shut.*

Come back to this part of the library in a couple of months for…

One response to “Library of Characters: Curtains Close”

  1. Yes, I do rather need Gunu back; he’s got some more dastardly deeds ahead of him. *drags him out and takes away the book he was about to rip*
    OooOooh! A side character collection! I’m so excited for that 😃

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