Of Sea and Smoke Cover Reveal

I have been waiting since Of Fire and Ash came out to see even a snapshot of this cover, and now I get the huge honor of being able to help share it with the world!

This is the second book in the YA fantasy trilogy, The Fireborn Epic, and is available to preorder in hardcover today.

Before you’re allowed to see the cover…

He rides a seablood, a steed of salt and spray,
born to challenge the tides.

Six years ago, the wrong brother survived, and nothing will ever convince Rafi Tetrani otherwise. But he is done running from his past, and from the truth. As civil war threatens Ceridwen’s tenuous rule in Soldonia, Rafi vows to fight the usurper sitting on the imperial throne of Nadaar, even if it means shouldering his brother’s responsibilities as the empire’s lost heir.

The stolen shipload of magical warhorses offers just the edge he needs. But the steeds have been demanded in ransom by the emperor’s ruthless assassin, and if Rafi hopes to raise a band of riders, he must first outwit his brother’s murderer.

Yet when his best efforts end in disaster, and an audacious raid sparks an empire-wide manhunt, even forging an unexpected alliance might not be enough to help Rafi turn the tides, let alone outrace the wave of destruction intent on sweeping them all away.

Doesn’t sound like such an amazing story?? I cannot wait for more of these characters.

Okay, I won’t be cruel and make you wait and scroll further. 😆 Here it is!!


Isn’t it gorgeous?!?! 😍

The story behind this beautiful cover is available for preorder now, and will be released in November!

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